Melon is South Africa’s first truly digital mobile operator.

A seed was planted

Our story is short but sweet.

We noticed that our friends and family were getting the rind side of the melon for way to long and decided to change things up a little. We’re a mix of tech experts, entrepreneurs and creatives who looked at the way mobile was and then found a better way to do it.

We decided to keep things simple, let you control your mobile needs and make everything a little more digital. From a small seed to a new way to mobile, that’s the Melon story.

Melon Build Your Own Plan
We let you Build Your Own Plan.
You can build your own data, voice, and text plan, based on what you need. You can also change it, anytime.
Melon Mobile Choose a Plan
Or choose a Melon Plan.
We’ve also done our homework and created packages based on mobile use patterns to help you choose a plan more easily.
Melon Try Before You Buy Plain
We even let you Try Before You Buy.
Best of all, we want you to try Melon before you buy it. So, we’re giving you free data, minutes and texts to use as you please. Gratis.
Melon Video Preview Image

Ask the Melon

How does this Data and Voice Non-Expiry work?
As long as you have an active Melon subscription, you’ll never lose any of your Data or Voice Minutes. If you cancel your subscription, your Data and Voice allocation will expire after 32 days.