Melons like to work things out themselves. SmartyPants.

Data not working

Here’s how to change your data settings. (And earn yourself a tech badge).

If you have an iPhone

Tap on the Settings App.
Choose 'Mobile Data'.
Choose 'Mobile Data Network'.
In all APN sections, type: ws.melon.mvno
You can also search "APN" in Settings to find it'.

If you have an Android Phone

Open your phone settings.
Select 'Network & internet' or 'Mobile network'.
Select 'Advanced' > 'Access Point Names'.
Add a new APN (by selecting the three dot menu or plus sign) or select an existing APN to make changes.
Now, give the APN a name ("Melon" seems fitting) and under APN insert: ws.melon.mvno

Keep your number

We get it. You’re going places and you want to take your number with you. We can help you do that.

To do this, you must be a prepaid user and have the SIM from your previous provider in a device that can receive texts.

Select "Keep my number" on the Melon home screen (or find it in the "More" menu).
Enter the number you want to keep and click confirm.
Insert your precious SIM into a device that receives texts. Wait for an SMS about the port and follow its instructions.
If accepted, your port should happen between 19H30 and 22H00 in the evening.
We'll let you know when to insert your Melon SIM and restart your device.

For more help on how to port to Melon Mobile click here.

Note: If the porting request fails, chat to one of our smart Melons here.