We took everything you hated about mobile and turned it into something you will love.

We’re bringing simple back.

We’re not talking about the good ol’ days of “snake” and monophonic ringtones. We’re making mobile simple with data, voice and texts the way you want them.

Melon Video Preview Image
Download our Melon App.
Switching to Melon is simple. Start by downloading the Melon App from the Apple or Google Play Store.
Sign in and play around.
We’ll only ask you to sign in once. After that you can Build Your Own Plan, choose a plan and Try Before You Buy.
Order and activate Sim Card.
Now you can order your free Melon SIM on the App or get one delivered on your next taekalot.com order. Once you have it, you can Self-RICA and activate on the App and you’re officially a Melon.

Ask the Melon

Does it cost me to download and use the App?
Yes, and No. To download the App, you might need to use a bit of data (or you could connect to a Wi-Fi spot, just not one of those dodgy ones in a seedy part of town). Once you’ve downloaded the App it’s free to use and won’t cost you a cent.
Where can I get a Melon SIM?
Once you downloaded the app, signed in and chosen your plan, you can order a SIM with a click of a button. We'll send it to you within a day. We're working on other ways to get a SIM to you, like your favourite retailers. Just don't look in the fruit section, we'll be by the tills.
Can I port my number?
We wouldn’t want it any other way. You can keep your old number by simply porting it over to Melon. Or you can choose a new number from us and get rid of those pesky telemarketers who never stop calling.
What’s this “Try Before You Buy” thing?
Well, it’s kinda like trying on a pair of sneakers and walking around the shop. Melon lets you try our service before you buy it, with free data, voice, and airtime. You’ll have to have a Melon SIM activated to use this service. Heads up, we don’t suggest “try before you buy” at your favourite restaurant. Trust us, it doesn’t go down too well.
How does Build My Own Plan work?
That’s the beauty about Melon. There are no contracts and no set way of doing things. You can choose your own plan based on your usage. You can also change your plan monthly. If you need more data, take more data. Less minutes, we’re fine with that. Simple as that.
I’m tired, can you choose a plan for me?
You’re not the first person to ask us that. So, we got some super smart people to create plans around your needs. If you are a chatterbox, there’s a plan for you. A gamer, we got you covered. In fact, we’ve got plans for everyone and you can find them under “Melon Plans”.