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Free yourself with Unlimited Calls & Texts + Data from only R199pm

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Finally, a mobile company that gives you control.

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Activate your Melon eSIM 

Melon Family Plans

Create a custom plan for every member of the family

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Break free with Mzansi’s first fully customizable mobile network

Melon gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your own Monthly Plan or simply Pay As You Go and you can change your plan at any time. It’s the control you’ve been looking for, all done on our sweet little App.

Fall in love with the Melon

More control

Build a monthly plan or Top Up by choosing the exact amount of Data, Voice and Texts you need.

Keep your number

Move to Melon and keep the number you love with same-day porting.

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We keep it simple

You can sign-up, order a free SIM and Self-RICA, all on our App or on our Website.

No contracts

We don’t lock you in. You can change your mobile plan at anytime.

Becoming a Melon is super simple.

It’s so simple even a pumpkin could do it. All it takes is your smartphone, a few quick choices on how you want your mobile plan to work and then activation of your Melon SIM.

Download the Melon app.

Choose a plan that suits you.

Order a free SIM or download an eSIM.

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Confirm the order, register and pay.

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Follow the in-app steps to activate your new SIM.

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The greatest thing you’ll never see.
Our eSIM gives you the best of Melon without needing a physical SIM or switching networks. Activate yours today and get 5GB Free Data.
  • Free to download
  • Easy to activate
  • All happens on the app
  • No need to visit the store
  • Can be added as a second SIM
Melon Family Plans
Here’s something to share on the family group
  • Create custom plans for the entire family.
  • Manage multiple SIMs with one Melon account.
  • Top-Up individual plans whenever you need to.
  • Change plans at any time.
  • One payment method.