We’re here to help every little Melon.

Ask the Melon

Help, I can’t access my account.
We’re sorry to hear that. The best way to sort this out is to speak to one of our support agents here.
I have not received my email verification pin or, the one I have is not working.
We’re not sure why pins aren’t sent straight away. After a few attempts, if you still do not receive one, speak to a Melon support agent here.
How long does it take to activate my SIM?
You’ll be able to activate your Melon SIM on the app. Follow the instructions and in a short while you’ll be one of us, a Melon.
My Self-RICA has failed, help!
This is a very important step in the process. Failure either means you haven’t supplied the correct information, or it’s something on our side in the application process. Contacting a Melon support agent is the best way to sort this out.
Where is my Melon SIM, it has not been delivered?
Not cool. You should have received a tracking number for your SIM and our delivery partner are very reliable. Track it here or speak to a service agent here.
My Melon plan is reflecting incorrectly, this is not the one I chose.
Sometimes those pesky gremlins mess with our systems. We assure you that the plan you choose is the plan you will get. Have a friendly chat with one of our agents here.
I’ve updated my personal details, but Melon hasn’t yet. 
This could take up to 24 hours, so please check again a little later. If your details are still not updated, chat to us.
What’s going on, I can’t make calls and my data isn’t working?
This could be MTN, Melon SIM issue or even a problem with your device. Try restarting your device and checking your APN settings on your phone. If you are still having problems, chat to us.
Is the Network down? 
Every now and then we do experience network issues. This could be for multiple reasons, but we’ll do everything we can with our partners MTN to get you back up as soon as possible.
I signed up for Try Before You Buy but it's not activating.
Your plan should kick in as soon as your SIM card is activated. Try closing your Melon App or restarting your phone. You can also check to make sure your phone’s APN settings are correct. If it’s still not showing after you’ve done all of that, chat to us and we’ll sort it out.
My Top Up failed
Top ups could take a few minutes to update, but you can rest assured it has been captured on our side. If you still don’t see it after a few minutes, please chat to us.

General FAQs about Melon

What is Melon?
Melon is a digital MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). We run off the MTN infrastructure and network which means we do everything they can, we just don’t have the buildings and towers. We’re virtual, truly digital, and we like it that way.
What makes Melon stand out?
We like to think we’re different from everyone else. Firstly, we’re fully digital so everything happens on our App or Website. Secondly, we have really looked at the things you don’t enjoy about mobile, like 24-month contracts, no control over your plan, frustrating call centres and so much more. We then built our offering to break those.
How do I get Melon?
That’s the easy part. Simply download our App here, sign in, Build Your Plan, choose a plan, or even Try Before You Buy. You can also order your Melon SIM to be delivered (we’re working on other ways to get you SIM to you), activate it, and then you’re officially a Melon. Welcome.
Is Try Before You Buy Free?
Yes. It’s mahala. We want you to experience mobile the way it should be. Once you’ve used that up, you can build your own monthly plan or choose one of our Melon plans. 
Where can I get my Melon SIM from?
That’s the easy part. We’ll deliver a SIM to you. When you get to the part on the App that asks if you have a SIM, ask for one to be delivered. The SIM is free and you'll get it the very next day. Once you have your SIM, you can continue your Melon journey.
I’ve done everything and still can’t make calls or use my data.
Sometimes this does happen but don’t worry, we’re here to help. You can restart your phone (typical IT response) and you’ll need to check your APN settings. They’re different for Apple and Android, to find out how to set them, click here. If you’re still having problems, chat to one of our smart Melons here.

General Account Questions

How do I make a payment?
We’re working on other ways for you to pay for Melon, but for now you’ll need a debit or credit card. 
How do I change my Melon plan?
You can change your plan any time you want. Build a new plan or choose one by simply logging into the App. Your new plan will activate on your next monthly payment date. This means you won’t lose any of the Data, Voice or Text purchases you have already made.
What Melon plan am I on?
That’s also easy to find. When you login you’ll find your plan details on your home page.
Can I have more than one phone number on a single account?
We’re working on that. Soon, you’ll be able to have multiple phone numbers on a single account. We call it “The Family Plan”.
How can I keep track of my balance, charges, payment date?
The home page on the App will show your balances, but you can also find other information under “Your Account”, where you’ll get a history of purchases, plans and more. 
What happens if I use up all my data and minutes?
We’ll let you know before this happens, so you won’t ever run out. But if it does happen, you can simply top up your account to help get you through the month.
My Melon SIM was cancelled. What do I need to do to reactivate my phone?
If you haven’t used your Melon SIM card for three months, it will be cancelled. You’ll have to get a new SIM to get your Melon going again.
What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
Firstly, your account is safe on Melon. If you can’t find your phone, or it’s been taken, it’s best to cancel your SIM as soon as you can. Use our online chat self-help to do this. We’ll also send you a new SIM so you can get back to life as quickly as possible.
How do I cancel my Melon service?
We hope it never comes down to this. But at least you don’t have to wait 24 months to do it. Your subscription plan is monthly, so if you feel like leaving us, boohoo, you can just pause your plan. You can also chat to us on the App to pause your plan.
How do I see what I have spent my money on?
Log in, visit “Your Account” and the full history of your spending will be there for you to see.

How It Works

Does it cost me to download and use the App?
Yes, and No. To download the App, you might need to use a bit of data (or you could connect to a Wi-Fi spot, just not one of those dodgy ones in a seedy part of town). Once you’ve downloaded the App it’s free to use and won’t cost you a cent.
Where can I get a Melon SIM?
Once you downloaded the app, signed in and chosen your plan, you can order a SIM with a click of a button. We’ll send it to you within a day. We’re working on other ways of to get a SIM to you, like your favourite retailers. Just don’t look in the fruit section, we’ll be by the tills.
Can I port my number?
We wouldn’t want it any other way. You can keep your old number by simply porting it over to Melon. Or you can choose a new number from us and get rid of those pesky telemarketers who never stop calling.
What’s this “Try Before You Buy” thing?
Well, it’s kinda like trying on a pair of sneakers and walking around the shop. Melon lets you try our service before you buy it, with free data, voice, and airtime. You’ll have to have a Melon SIM activated to use this service. Heads up, we don’t suggest “try before you buy” at your favourite restaurant. Trust us, it doesn’t go down too well.
How does Build My Own Plan work?
That’s the beauty about Melon. There are no contracts and no set way of doing things. You can choose your own plan based on your usage. You can also change your plan monthly. If you need more data, take more data. Less minutes, we’re fine with that. Simple as that.
I’m tired, can you choose a plan for me?
You’re not the first person to ask us that. So, we got some super smart people to create plans around your needs. If you are a chatterbox, there’s a plan for you. A gamer, we got you covered. In fact, we’ve got plans for everyone and you can find them under “Melon Plans”.


How do I get billed for the plan I choose?
We’ll need to get a credit or debit card linked to your account. Any transactions you make on the App including recuring monthly plans or top-ups will be securely charged to that credit card.
Can I change my plan at any time?
You can, but your new plan will only take effect at the end of your billing period. If you need anything during that period, you can top your plan up to get you through.
Can I “Try Before You Buy” more than once?
That would be great, wouldn’t it. But unfortunately, our Try Before You Buy option is limited to one use only. After that, you can Build Your Own Plan, or choose from a bunch of really cool Melon plans. 
Can I change packages whenever I want to?
Yes, of course. We wouldn’t be Melon if we didn’t let you do that. Switching plans is easy, and your new plan will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle.
Do you have a Melon Cocktail recipe for me?
We’ve done extensive testing on this, and we love a melon mojito. Made with fresh watermelon and mint, light rum, lime juice and a splash of fizzy club soda, it’s perfect on a warm summer’s day, a family braai or when you’re just chilling by the pool.


Does “Try Before You Buy” lock me into anything?
No, this is not a wedding. You’ll get everything for free, with no T’s&C’s. Once you’ve used them all, you’ll have to decide whether you really like us. Or not. But we’re not thinking about the “not” part.
Can I change my “Try Before You Buy” plan halfway through?
You can’t change this plan halfway through, but you can Build Your Own Plan which will kick in just as your free trial comes to an end.
Can I use “Try Before You Buy” more than once?
No, you only get one chance at this. but don’t worry, Melon lets you decide your next plan, so you can build one that works perfectly for you.
Where else can I use “Try Before You Buy”?
We know one thing for sure, DO NOT try it at a restaurant. We learnt that the hard way.
How does this Data and Voice Non-Expiry work?
As long as you have an active Melon subscription, you’ll never lose any of your Data or Voice Minutes. If you cancel your subscription, your Data and Voice allocation will expire after 32 days.

Free SIM

Will the Melon SIM fit into my phone?
Our SIMs are made for smartphones and feature phones and will fit most of the latest devices.
How will you know where to deliver my new SIM?
You’ll supply us with the delivery address, whether at home or work, and we’ll get it to you the next day.
Once I have my SIM, am I activated?
You’re close, but not there. You will still need to do a Self-RICA, port your old number (if you want to) and activate your shiny new SIM on the Melon App. 
I’ve got my SIM and it’s not working.
This happens sometimes. But mostly it can be fixed by chatting to a Melon agent from the App, or you can use the self-help section on our website. If the card is damaged or cannot be used, we will replace it.