When other mobile
companies give you lemons, we give you Melon.

Melon Mobile Why Melon Mobile Hero

Mobile freedom is just a click away.

Everything you need from a mobile network is now in the palm of your hands. There’s no need to visit a store, or stand in a queue, simply download the Melon Mobile App and get connected to South Africa’s next best network.​

Download the Melon App by clicking below.

Melon More of the stuff you love
More of the stuff you love.
We’ve built a mobile company around your needs and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make everything better for you.

Fully Customisable Monthly Plans

Uncapped Calls & Texts + Data Plans.

Free eSIM or SIM + delivery

Keep your number

Family Plans managed in one place

Melon things you don't love
Less of the things you don’t.
We’ve also got rid of the things you might not like about mobile companies.

Locked in a contract

No control

“One Size Fits All” plans

High Prices

Melon - Stay connected
Stay connected with our amazing coverage
We’re backed by one of the country’s best networks, which means you’ll be covered everywhere you go.

Becoming a Melon is super simple

Download the app

Choose a plan that suits you.

Order a free SIM or download an eSIM.

Melon Mobile Confirm

Confirm the order, register and pay.

Melon Mobile Follow

Follow the in-app steps to activate your new SIM.